#TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories

#TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories

#TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories

I always find writing about animal welfare very difficult. My research often includes shocking articles to read or footage to watch. Time and time again, I am bewildered by the amount of cruelty that goes on in factory farms. That’s why I am so glad to help spread the word about the new #TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories campaign from Farms Not Factory.

Gone are the days of pigs happily wallowing in the mud. Today,  3/4 of the pork eaten in the UK has been produced in factory farms where pigs are kept in appalling conditions. Yes, you have read this right: three-quarter!

Unless you buy pork, sausages or bacon from higher welfare, you can be certain that the meat you eat comes from animals that have been treated inhumanely. Factory pigs are crammed into overcrowded concrete buildings with no access to the outdoors. Stressed by such living conditions, they often turn aggressive attacking each other. To prevent injuries, factory farmers resort to mutilation by cutting off pigs’ tails. Such animal suffering is totally unacceptable.

Factory farms also resort to using a lot of antibiotics to keep animal free of diseases. Antibiotic over-use has been directly linked to the rise of  ‘superbugs’. These bacteria have developed a resistance to antibiotics and represent a real threat to public health as it becomes harder and harder to cure human diseases.

Time to #TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories

If you have not already done it, it is time to #TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories. The campaign launches today with the support of celebrities such as Dominic West, Rupert Everett, Jon Snow, Jeremy Irons and Vivienne Westwood.

They all took part in the new two-minute campaign video below, which exposes the barbaric truth of pig factories, and in doing so, moves many of the celebrities to tears. The video captures their reactions to the horrific footage of pigs suffering in intensive rearing units, which have come to be dubbed ‘factories’.


Tracy Worcester, founder of Farms Not Factories says, “Our message is simple, we want to help bring an end to this dangerous, inhumane system and encourage the public to only buy pork from high welfare farms. Vote for real farming over factory farming by buying pork with the labels RSPCA Assured, Outdoor Bred, Free Range or best of all, Organic.”

The #TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories campaign is supported by Compassion in World Farming, The Soil Association, Friends of the Earth, Antibiotic Action and Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics.

Join Sting, Zac Goldsmith, Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Stella and Paul McCartney, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen and the likes of Moby, Stephen Fry, Jo Wood, Joanna Lumley Roger Moore, Jools Holland, Lucy Watson who will be posting selfies turning their noses up online. Remember to include the hashtag #TurnYourNoseUp in all posts!

For further information, visit: www.farmsnotfactories.org.

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