Veggie Burger Atelier

Veggie Burger Atelier Review + Recipe + Competition

Veggie Burger Atelier

Meat free burgers are the new frontier of vegetarian and vegan cuisines so I was really glad to receive a copy of Veggie Burger Atelier to review. I am a big fan of Nina Olsson’s blog Nourish Atelier, loving her vibrant recipes and amazing pictures. From my first look at the cover, I knew I was going to enjoy this cookbook.

When I was a full-time carnivore, I always found meat burgers hard to digest and I was never keen on them. I am also a crusty bread kind of girl, so the idea of meat stuck between two slices of soft brioche was also not very appealing.

Strangely, it was only when I started eating less meat that I started ordering (meat free) burgers. Since then I have had my share of good and bad ones.  Texture is key, anything too soft might as well be served as mash. Flavour is also paramount. It is very easy to get it wrong.

Veggie Burger Atelier explores flavours from around the world to bring an inspiring burger collection. The book is organised by geographical areas spanning from Europe, to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the US and Latin America. Nina Olsson blends international flavours with ease to create recipes such as:

  • Stroganoff Burger (with mushrooms and smoked paprika)
  • Le Parisien (with Puy lentils, gruyere and herbes de provence)
  • Greek Burger (with mint, courgette and feta)
  • Pulled Jackfruit Sliders
  • Bali Beach Burger (with mushrooms, white beans, coconut and lemongrass)
  • Kasbah Burger (with aubergine, mushroom, freekeh and harissa)

All recipes in the book are designed to be easy to follow and adaptable. Many are suitable for vegans or can be adapted for plant-based diets.

You will also find recipe ideas for condiments such as mayonnaise, harissa, kimchi, dill mustard cashew sauce, sides such as sweet potato wedges, Vietnamese slaw and homemade brioche buns.

Veggie Burger Atelier is not your typical cookbook as Nina Olsson gives her insights into understanding the key elements (textures, flavour, firmness and juiciness) behind the perfect veggie burger. The book ends with a Veggie Burger Cheat Sheet, which is a fantastic tool to try making your own burger recipe or simply substitute ingredients into her recipes.

From the first recipe in the book the Basic Veggie Burger to the amazing Veggie Burger Cheat Sheet the possibilities are endless. What a gem!

To whet your appetite even further, Nina has kindly agreed to share her Bombay Burger recipe, a flavoursome combination of cauliflower and turmeric with lime cashew cream and sesame-carrot salad. Click on the picture below for the recipe details.

Bombay Burger from Veggie Burger Atelier [vegan]

© Bombay Burger by Nina Olsson [vegan] – Veggie Burger Atelier, £16.99, Quarry Books

Curry spices are both comforting and invigorating, and when mixed with cauliflower they make a powerful flavor experience! This patty gets its beautiful golden color from turmeric, the little root that’s been making headlines as a superfood. Turmeric has a healing effect on our bodies when it’s eaten regularly—something the rich cooking tradition of India has made good use of for thousands of years is now acknowledged by studies in the West. This delicious curry patty is accompanied by a sesame-carrot salad and lime cashew cream for vegan goodness!

Veggie Burger Atelier is a staple cookbook for any vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian kitchen. It is full of recipes you will make over and over again. Thanks to her talent and imagination Nina Olsson proves that veggie burgers can be as good as (if not better than) meat burgers.

If you feel inspired, why not try your luck in the competition below as I have two copies of “Veggie Burger Atelier” up for grabs. Good luck!

You will also find Veggie Burger Atelier on Amazon here:

Veggie Burger Atelier

Notice: Thanks to Quarto Books for sending a complimentary copy of this book. I was not paid to review this book, all opinions and thoughts are my own.



Veggie Burger Atelier

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