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Myvegan Bundle

As I am just getting back into my exercise routine, this Myvegan Sports Bundle could not have arrived at a better time.

After injuring my ankle (yet again) at the beginning of lockdown, I had to stop running. For a while, I turned to Power Yoga but then injured my left deltoid so was left pretty miserable, nursing my various aches and pains. I have been itching to get fit again, so a couple of weeks ago I invested in some new super-duper running shoes, loaded up a new Spotify playlist on my phone and decided to start running again. Since I have been a teenager this has always been my preferred way to clear my head and get a good cardio workout. It has been hard to get back into my fitness routine but so far I am quite pleased with my progress.

Since I have been mostly on a plant-based diet, I have been conscious to eat a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. I manage most of the time, except pre-workout. For years it felt better for me to exercise on an empty stomach; otherwise, I felt sick. But lately, I felt a lack of energy and stamina when working out so I decided to change my routine and eat beforehand. It has been a bit of a trial and error, with unwelcome memories of the New York marathon I ran years ago on a very full stomach, coming back to haunt me.

While I believe in the benefits of a wholesome fresh and unrefined diet, I have tried protein shakes pre and post-workout to give me the right amount of energy without overloading my digestive system. While I’m not looking to build muscles or enhance my strength, I feel that a balanced nutritional boost can help my muscle recovery as well as giving me more energy when exercising.

Based in Manchester, Myprotein specialises in quality sports nutrition products with a full range of protein powders, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods and snack alternatives as well as performance clothing. Myprotein caters for a wide range of dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.

The products are made in their UK factory. Myprotein uses recycled and biodegradable materials in its packaging and aims to minimise waste across the whole business. They have a “zero to landfill” policy, to ensure all of their waste ends up in recycling facilities or as RDF (refuse-derived fuel).

Myprotein’s new plant-based range, Myvegan, has been designed to support active lifestyles while being mindful of the planet. Myvegan is fully accredited by The Vegan Society, The Vegetarian Society and The Soil Association, highlighting a commitment to animal welfare, health and the environment.

Myvegan is the world’s first plastic-neutral sports nutrition brand as it is dedicating a percentage of each product sold to fund the removal and reuse of the same amount of plastic from nature as is used in its packaging. Myvegan products have therefore a Net Zero Plastic Footprint. Myvegan has partnered with RePurpose to fund the removal of plastic waste from the environment. In its ongoing effort to minimise waste, the sports nutrition brand also aims to reduce sample box sizes by 50% and make scoops optional by the end of 2021 and to have 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2023.

I have put the Myvegan Sports Bundle to the test, having a shake made from the Vegan Protein Blend, mixed with water, 30 mins or so before my run. Made from pea and fava bean protein isolates, it contains 22g complete protein and 110 calories per serving and comes in a wide range of flavours from traditional Chocolate or Strawberry to more unusual ones such as Turmeric Latte or Coffee & Walnuts.

I only tried the Chocolate blend, which tasted great. The powder mixes really easily in a shaker with either water or dairy-free milk. I mixed it with water but adding some dairy-free milk gives it a creamier taste. Either way, it works very well as a post-workout, recovery fuel.

For a quick and tasty protein boost, I love the Myvegan Pea-Nut Square. Made with cacao butter, and roasted nuts they are low in sugar and high in fibre. They contain 12g of protein per slice and are really great as a healthy mid-afternoon snack.


Myvegan Vegan Protein Shake

Some of the other products that caught my eye in the vegan range include the Vegan Protein Shakes which provide 11g of ready-to-drink protein in a convenient  (recycled plastic) bottle. The shakes are made with almonds, pea protein and, depending on the flavour, with either real fruit or cocoa. They are naturally flavoured and sweetened with stevia and all-natural cane sugar. They have a silky texture and delicious flavour while being dairy-free and easy to digest. These drinks are sweeter than the Vegan Protein Blend and I love them as a post-workout treat.

Myvegan Clear Vegan Protein

Another product I really love is the Clear Vegan Protein Powder a very unique alternative to a traditional protein shake. It is a completely soluble, ready-to-mix pea protein powder, made with real fruits and added B vitamins, that provides 10g of protein per serving. It comes in a selection of fruity flavours such as Strawberry, Pineapple & Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime and Blackcurrant, as well as Apple & Elderflower, which I really liked. The powder mixes easily in a shaker with water to become a clear and fruity shake. Each serving contains 10g of plant-based protein, half of your daily B vitamin intake and only 1g sugar. Light and refreshing, this again worked very well for me as post-workout rehydration and nutritional boost.

I certainly cannot wait to wave goodbye to 2020 and to get back in shape. Thanks to Myvegan, I now feel fully prepared for an active and healthy Veganuary.

You can find out more about Myprotein here and see the full Myvegan range here as well as following them on social media for the latest tips, offers and even recipes!

If you fancy winning this fabulous Myvegan Bundle to give your workout a plant-based makeover, head over to the competition below.



 WIN a Myvegan Sports Bundle


Disclaimer: this review and competition are sponsored by Myvegan. All thoughts and opinions remain my own and are completely honest.

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