Review Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden v8

Review: Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden

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Have you ever dreamt of growing fresh herbs and salads at home but do not know where to start? Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden is there to help. With no gardening skills required, the all-in-one indoor hydroponic garden can help you grow 6 plants at once from seed to full-grown size in just 5-8 weeks.

Plantui’s gardens are ideal for anyone living in urban areas with little or no outside space. Their smart gardens handle each plant’s cycle from germination to growth and harvest. Plantui’s built-in technology recognises the different stages of growth of each plant and adjusts light and the watering schedule accordingly. Plants can grow up to 2 metres high without any soil or dirt.

Plantui All v6


I received a Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden complete with 3 different types of seeds (basil, coriander and wild rocket), 2 height blocks, an instruction manual and a set of different types of plugs to suit different countries.

Plantui Base v6

Plantui Base Nutrient

Setting up the Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden is very straightforward. First you need to fill the base with water and then add some essential nutrients to feed the plants. Each seed box comes complete with a small bag of nutrient plant food.

Plantui Seeds

Each seed box also contains 3 capsules of seeds so you can mix and match them in your smart garden. There is plenty to choose from as Plantui has a wide range of 40 seeds available from basil, mint and thyme to snapdragon, salad leaves, sorrel, viola flowers, cherry tomatoes etc .. as well as more unusual Asian salad leaves. Plantui’s seeds have not been treated with any chemical, biological or physical methods. They are all non-GMO.

Plantui Base Seeds

Plantui have organised seeds by growth groups so you can combine them more easily. Once you have chosen the plants you want to grow, you simply place the seed capsules in the designated holes. The light unit comes to sit on top on the plant tray. As soon as the garden os plugged-in, the pink lights turn on so that the germination process can begin.

Plantui Base Germination v6

The technology behind the Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden means that its lights are optimised for photosynthesis, sending plants the right light spectrums for the right amount of time each day for healthy growth and best taste. Since having this smart garden, our kitchen has taken a brand new sci-fi look at nights with different colour lights beaming from the unit.

Plantui Smart Gardens work for 16 hours a day then automatically switches off for 8 hours so that the plants can rest. The pump ensures that the seeds receive a regular flow of nutrients and water. To maximise efficiency, the growth process is microchip-controlled.

Plantui Base Growth v6

Our garden had a bit of a slow start which was entirely our fault as we did not lock in the unit fully which meant that the seeds were not getting watered properly. After a couple of weeks, we realised something was wrong, corrected it, and from then enjoyed watching the plants germinate and grow. In spite of their dry and slow start, our herbs and salads grew very well and 6 weeks later we could start harvesting and eating them.

I use a lot of herbs when cooking, relying on them instead of salt and stock to bring flavours to my dishes. What a treat to be able to enjoy fresh herbs and salads grown fresh in the kitchen with this Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden. All the seeds we had developed into tall, beautiful and very healthy plants.

Not only is setting up the garden very straightforward, but also the maintenance is very easy as most of the parts can go in the dishwasher.

I really like the sleek and elegant Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden. It is ideal for growing herbs, salads and other crops all year long and having fresh, chemical-free ingredients available right there in your kitchen. Using only what you need at any one time, you also end up wasting less. You can choose between a white, grey or red garden to match your kitchen colour scheme.

If you would like to know more about the Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden you can visit Plantui’s website here. You will also find some tutorial videos detailing how the smart gardens work.

You can also pay a visit to Plantui on Twitter, visit their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.

Plantui has very kindly offered to send one lucky reader a Plantui 6 Indoor Smart Garden.


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Disclaimer: this review is sponsored by Plantui. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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