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Why Not Try Vegan This Veganuary?

Why not try vegan this Veganuary and join an expected 350,000 others in going plant-based this January? Launched in 2014, Veganuary is focused on changing consumer behaviours and attitudes, while providing all the information and practical support required to make the transition to veganism as easy and as enjoyable as possible throughout the month. Last […]

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Looking To Eat Less Meat? These 5 Meat Substitutes Can Help

Looking To Eat Less Meat? These 6 Meat Substitutes Can Help

Curbing your meat habit can be very daunting. Having spent most of my life on a meat-heavy diet, it certainly did not come to me naturally. I found that going meat-free once a week is easy enough. But when I decided to step it up and go meat-free several times a week, I found myself […]

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Addis Meal Prep Header

How To Meal Prep for a Week of Breakfasts and Lunches

Ever wondered how best to keep your healthy eating goals on track? Do you find yourself mid-week lacking inspiration for your meals, ending up craving something you invariably regret afterwards. A little planning and organisation might help and meal prep is a great tool to keep you on track and satisfied. Meal prep is all over […]

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World Plant Milk Day

World Plant Milk Day : Take The 7-Day Dairy Free Challenge

Today is World Plant Milk Day, a celebration of cruelty-free dairy alternatives highlighting the many benefits of switching to plant milk for people’s health, for animals and for the planet. “There has never been a better time to go dairy-free,” said Zephie Begolo, Head of Campaigns for ProVeg UK. “There are now so many different plant […]

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Vegan Society - A Simple Guide To Veganise Your Favourite Dishes

A Simple Guide To Veganise Your Favourite Dishes

Guest Post by Dominika Piasecka, The Vegan Society. Photo via Shutterstock. Some people see going vegan as a challenge because they think it involves learning a whole lot of new recipes and using a range of new ingredients they don’t have the time to find. But there is a simple and fun shortcut to going vegan […]

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Veganuary 2018

4 Ways To Help You Make This Veganuary A Success

Veganuary is back with 2018 promising to be the biggest ever. Veganuary aims to inspire people to try going vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. It began in 2014 with 3,300 participants. By 2017, that figure had grown to 60,000, and this year the campaign announced an ambitious goal to help […]

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Herb Guide to Vegan Cooking

Herb Guide to Vegan Cooking

When I first started cooking meat free dishes I found adding taste and flavour tricky. I just was not sure what did go well with what! Yet after a period of trial and error, I got to know my way around spices and herbs a little bit better and it all became much easier! Still I am always on the lookout […]

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Veganuary - Stock Up Your Vegan Pantry

Veganuary – Stock Up Your Vegan Pantry

Start 2015 with a bang by taking a vegan pledge for the month of January. A vegan diet will not only boost your health but also help lighten your carbon footprint. By not eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs you will also lead a more compassionate lifestyle towards farmed animals. The  Veganuary campaign aims to inspire and  support people all  around […]

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vegetable skewer

Eat Less Meat By Making Meat The New Side Dish

A flexitarian lifestyle is about eating less meat. By this I mean not only eating meat less often but also eating it in smaller quantities. There would be not much point in forgoing meat during the week and gorging on it at the weekend. When I’m talking about the flexitarian diet, I often hear that […]

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flexitarian pantry

The Flexitarian Pantry

The secret to any diet change is not to be caught short otherwise you can quickly revert to old ways.  The flexitarian diet is no different. Stock up your fridge and pantry with all the ingredients you need. Having different kind of ingredients available will surely inspire you to try new meat-free recipes and switch to […]

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