Review: Beyond Le Fumé – Haché’s New Vegan Burger

It’s fair to say that Haché knows a thing or two about burgers. The chic,...

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3 Easy Ways to Eat More Local and Seasonal Food

With many fruits and vegetables flown in from distant destinations and available all-year round, it...

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How Much Meat Should We Eat?

How much meat should we eat? If you believe some of the runaway headlines from...

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Cookbook Review: Whole Food Cooking Every Day by Amy Chaplin + Competition

“Whole Food Cooking Every Day” is such an exciting new cookbook by Amy Chaplin, a...

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6 Ideas To Reduce Single-Use Plastic

  Single-use plastic has become the plague of our time, polluting rivers, oceans and the...

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Le Salin de Gruissan: Salt, Oysters and Wildlife Haven

Le Salin de Gruissan welcomes its visitors with a stunning display of pink lakes cast...

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Review: Frankie & Benny’s Vegan Menu

Following its successful Veganuary menu, when it introduced 20 new vegan dishes, Frankie & Benny’s...

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The New Chiquito Vegan Menu

Last Friday we headed to London to try the new Chiquito vegan menu. Launched just...

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Berry Goodness: A Farm to Fork visit in Kent

Heading to Hugh Lowe Farms between Tonbridge and Maidstone, it does not take long to...

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World Meat Free Week: try just one meat-free meal for the health of our planet

Try just one meat-free meal for the health of our planet during World Meat Free...

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Wake Up To Organic and Grab A Free Breakfast

Wake up to organic and grab a free breakfast tomorrow June 12th as 300 local...

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Watercress – A British Superfood To (Re)discover

f A couple of weeks ago I headed to Hampshire to visit Drayton Watercress Farm....

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Pizza Hut Adds New Vegan Options To Its Menu

Pizza Hut has added new vegan options to its menu with a brand-new vegan pizza,...

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Applewood Cheese Goes Vegan

In a bid to tackle the climate crisis, cheesemaker Applewood has just launched a vegan...

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Asda launches plastic-free herbs

Asda has repackaged its entire range of fresh living herbs to be plastic-free. All of...

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Ima vegan ‘salmon’ sushi

Thumbs up for innovation, IMA vegan ‘salmon’ sushi is a truly astonishing plant-based alternative to...

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Beyond Sausage ® Arrives in the UK

Beyond Meat®, maker of the Beyond Burger®, is launching the long awaited Beyond Sausage® in...

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Give your beauty routine a makeover with The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits new head-to-toe beauty collections

In a bid to reduce food waste, The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits ranges...

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Go meat free any day of the week by adopting a flexitarian diet.

Flexitarians (aka Flexible Vegetarians) have a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat. Some people will have a meat-free meal once a week while others will only eat meat on rare occasions.

The flexitarian diet is increasing in popularity especially with people who do not want to commit to a full vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It allows them a flexibility that they can adapt to their lifestyle, social life or health conditions.

Whether you have just decided to eat less meat or are already a committed flexitarian, you will find a lot of useful information on our website as we explore health, ethics and environmental issues linked to meat consumption.

Browse our vegetarian and vegan recipes to find inspiration or learn more about the Flexitarian Diet here.

In a need to reconnect with our food we are also committed to promote local, seasonal and organic produce.

Try flexitarianism you will be surprised on how easy it is. It will also benefit your health and the environment.