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Le Salin de Gruissan

Le Salin de Gruissan: Salt, Oysters and Wildlife Haven

Le Salin de Gruissan welcomes its visitors with a stunning display of pink lakes cast against a blue horizon. Each summer, salt is harvested here by hand using traditional methods. During our recent holiday in France it made for a fascinating visit for the whole family as we learned about these salt marshes and their […]

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Frankis and Bennie Vegan Menu

Review: Frankie & Benny’s Vegan Menu

Following its successful Veganuary menu, when it introduced 20 new vegan dishes, Frankie & Benny’s has added some more plant-based options to its summer menu which we were pleased to be able to try last week. Frankie & Benny’s is a family-friendly Italian-American restaurant chain with over 250 locations across the UK. The menu is […]

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New Chiquito Vegan Menu

The New Chiquito Vegan Menu

Last Friday we headed to London to try the new Chiquito vegan menu. Launched just a few weeks ago, Chiquito’s plant-based selection includes exotic proteins from around the world such as jackfruit, banana blossom, palm hearts and soya protein Oumph! to create a fiesta of taste-exploding vegan foods. In central London, Chiquito is located in […]

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Berry Goodness A Farm to Fork visit in Kent v8

Berry Goodness: A Farm to Fork visit in Kent

Heading to Hugh Lowe Farms between Tonbridge and Maidstone, it does not take long to understand why Kent is known as the garden of England. With its abundance of fruit orchards, hop gardens, vegetable fields and even some vineyards, the county is home to many favourite British crops. Amongst them, the quintessential English strawberries and […]

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World Meat Free Week

World Meat Free Week: try just one meat-free meal for the health of our planet

Try just one meat-free meal for the health of our planet during World Meat Free Week between 17-23 June 2019 www.worldmeatfreeweek.com@Meat_Free_Week #WorldMeatFreeWeek Today June 17th, sees the beginning of World Meat Free Week 2019.  This year’s campaign returns to put a spotlight on the importance of reducing our meat intake for the sake of our […]

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Wake Up To Organic

Wake Up To Organic and Grab A Free Breakfast

Wake up to organic and grab a free breakfast tomorrow June 12th as 300 local cafes, delis, farm shops and independent stores around the country are opening their doors to spread the joy of organic food. The day is designed to promote enjoyment and awareness of eating food that not only tastes delicious, but is […]

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Watercress - A British Superfood To (Re)discover

Watercress – A British Superfood To (Re)discover

f A couple of weeks ago I headed to Hampshire to visit Drayton Watercress Farm. Located right next to the tracks of the Watercress Line railway in Alresford, Drayton Farm was set up in the 1880s in response to the huge popularity of watercress, which at the time was a staple of the working-class diet. […]

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Growing Underground - London's First Underground Farm

Growing Underground – London’s First Underground Farm

It would probably be a major surprise to most locals to learn that below the busy high street of London’s Clapham Common, lies Growing Underground, London’s first underground farm. World War II tunnels built as air-raid shelters provide the perfect environment for this unique urban farm. Cities dwellers are on the rise all over the […]

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9 Eco Easter Eggs 2019

9 Eco Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, I decided to round-up some of my favourite eco Easter eggs. Many Easter eggs are over-packaged in unnecessary plastic that is near impossible to recycle. After Christmas, this is the time of the year where we go, once again, in packaging and waste overdrive. Here are my 6 favourite […]

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Pret A Manger water fountains

Pret A Manger rolls out 250 water fountains where anyone can refill for free

In a bid to reduce plastic bottle use, Pret encourages customers (and passers-by) to ‘fill up for free’ at any of its 250 filtered water fountains. Self-service water stations have been rolled out around the country to help remove the barrier of asking for a refill, with one in five feeling uncomfortable asking even when […]

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