meat free monday

Go Flexitarian with Meat Free Monday

meat free monday
The flexitarian diet is a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat. One of the easiest ways to go flexitarian is by joining Meat Free Monday  and not eating meat on Mondays.

The campaign, launched by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney, is based on a simple principle – one day a week can make a world of difference. The McCartneys are themselves committed vegetarians but they want people to embrace a meat free day to help tackle climate change and benefit their health.

While many people would feel overwhelmed at the idea of switching to a vegetarian diet, a flexitarian diet is much more achievable. Meat Free Monday is fun, powerful and easy to follow.

Meat Free Monday is not a new idea. Historically, Catholics have observed meat free Fridays for religious reasons. A meat free day was also imposed during war time when rationing was necessary. Today campaigns such as Meat Free Monday and Meatless Mondays aim to show how beneficial eating less meat is, both for our health and to address climate change.

Can you have a balanced diet when you eat less meat? Of course! You only have to go back about 40 years when eating meat was the occasional treat. Since then eating meat has become associated with wealth and in developed countries meat has become a daily staple.

The fact is that reducing your meat intake and making it the exception rather than the rule is good for you. Red meat consumption has been linked to cancer and heart disease. Proteins and iron can be found in grains, pulses and vegetables which are also high in fibre and low in fat.

So why not take the pledge of a Meat Free Monday and discover how delicious and easy vegetarian food can be?

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