Sizzling & Juicy, The Beyond Burger® Launches Today At Tesco Today!

Sizzling & Juicy, The Beyond Burger® Launches At Tesco Today!

Beyond Burger UK - The Flexitarian

What a fabulous Meat Free Monday news! Victim of its own success, The Beyond Burger®’s launch at Tesco had been delayed earlier this year because of supply issues. As of today though, you will be able to find it in the chilled meat counter aisles of more than 350 Tesco stores throughout the UK. It retails at £5.50 for a pack of two burgers.

Having tried The Beyond Burger® at a launch event at Honest Burgers over the summer, I am glad to give it The Flexitarian’s full seal of approval. Sizzling and juicy, it is not just good . . . it is very good. In many ways better than meat. “Very impressed, it has none of the funny bits you find sometimes in meat burgers!” my carnivore dinner companion rightly pointed out.

Beyond Burger at Honest Burger - The Flexitarian

The Beyond Burger is designed to look, cook, and taste like beef. It has made history in America by being the first plant-based burgers to be sold alongisde meat products and is available at more than 10,000 grocery stores across the U.S., in addition to being on the menu at more than 10,000 restaurants.

“We see the growing global demand for delicious, plant-based proteins and are excited to serve that demand in the UK with the revolutionary Beyond Burger,” said Seth Goldman, Beyond Meats Executive Chair. “Bringing our innovative approach to merchandising to the UK, Tesco will sell The Beyond Burger in the chilled meat aisle alongside animal-based proteins.”

Beyond Burger 2

The UK launch follows Beyond Meat’s strong growth in the States, where it counts the likes of Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio amongst its investors. Using their proprietary approach of braiding together protein, fats and minerals, Beyond Meat is able to re-create the basic architecture, and thus texture, of meat.

The Beyond Burger’s meat-like texture is a blend of simple plant-based ingredients, applied in fresh ways. Peas provide the protein, trace amounts of beetroot lend a meaty red hue, and coconut oil and potato starch ensure mouthwatering juiciness and chew.

Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger packs all the meaty satisfaction of a traditional burger, but comes with the added upsides of plant-based meat:

  • 20g of plant-based protein (more than beef)
  • Less total and saturated fat
  • No gluten, soy or GMOs

Looking for the ultimate Beyond Burger experience? Visit any Honest Burgers’ restaurant to be among the first to try their Beyond Burger build, PLANT. A Beyond Burger patty topped with vegan smoked gouda cheese, Rubies In The Rubble’s chipotle ‘mayo,’ red onion, pickles, French’s mustard and lettuce, served with homemade rosemary salted chips for £11.50.

The Beyond Burger® is also available from All Bar One across the country.

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