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The New Pizza Hut Vegan Jackfruit Pizza

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At the start of 2019, Pizza Hut Restaurants launched a new Vegan Jackfruit Pizza, the ‘Jack ‘n’ Ch**se’, pledging to make it a permanent menu item if 10,000 Vegan Pizzas were sold by the end of Veganuary. Sales were tracked via the installation of a ‘Vegan-o-meter’ on Pizza Hut Restaurant’s Twitter channel (@PizzaHutUK).

Sales target were smashed even before January was over and with 17700 Vegan Jack ‘N’ Ch**se Pizzas sold, Pizza Hut has announced that it will remain on the menu as a permanent item from March 2019.

The new addition, available across Pizza Hut Restaurants 253 Huts, is the latest meat free substitute from the brand. Guests can choose from 15 vegan toppings and three vegan bases.

Priced at £11.29, Pizza Hut Vegan Jackfruit Pizza ‘Jack ‘n’ Ch**se’ features a tomato base with Violife’s award winning non-diary cheese alternative, sweetcorn, red onions, peppers and BBQ Jackfruit with a BBQ drizzle. All Vegan Pizzas are available on Pan, All American Thin and Gluten Free bases.

In addition to the ‘Vegan-o-meter’, Pizza Hut Restaurants has also be running a #IWantYouJack competition, offering guests the chance to win a £100 gift card if they post a picture of their vegan pizza and follow @PizzaHutUK on Instagram.

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So is it any good?

We headed to our local hut last week to try it out. Our shared American thin Jack ‘n’ Ch**se pizza was very tasty with BBQ jackfruit and loads of veggie toppings. The Jack ‘n’ Ch**se pizza makes a nice addition to the current Pizza Hut’s vegan pizza selection (Vegan Margherita and Vegan Veggie). Violife’s non-dairy mozzarella is the perfect add-on as it melts away to give a comforting cheesy texture.

I was nicely surprised to find out that Pizza Hut offers vegan options in the kids menu too. No vegan desserts yet unfortunately!

For further details about the Jack ‘N’ Ch**se Pizza, or to find your nearest Hut check-out Pizza Hut website.

Disclaimer: we were guests at Pizza Hut. All thoughts and opinions are my own and completely honest.

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