The Pulp Fiction Burger by Tom Hunt © Image credit Jenny Zarins

The Pulp Fiction Burger [vegan] by Tom Hunt

Recipe and Photo reprinted with permission from Tom Hunt and Octopus Books (Image credit Jenny Zarins)

This vegan Pulp Fiction Burger by Tom Hunt is made from leftover juice pulp – plant fibre that’s a vital macronutrient and a huge waste if left unused.

Eco chef Tom Hunt campaigns tirelessly to reduce food waste and fight hunger while promoting small farmers.  You will also find his ingenious no-waste recipes in the Guardian’s Feast magazine where he writes a regular column.

His latest book “Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet” is a vibrant celebration of food as it should be.

This new plant-based cookbook will inspire you to enjoy seasonal local food, while producing little to no waste, by eating whole vegetables (root, fruit, stalk and leaf) and composting what cannot be eaten.

This Pulp Fiction Burger gets its delicious texture from leftover juice pulp mixed with tempeh, smoked paprika and walnut. You will get an even more realistic result if you use beetroot in your morning juice as it will give this burger a slight red meat tint.

“Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet” is based on Tom Hunt’s Root to Fruit eating manifesto, an holistic approach to food that considers all aspects of its production, its impact on the planet and our health. To eat in this way means basing the bulk of our meals on local, seasonal foods and eating them whole, including the parts we usually throw away, like peelings, root greens and other by-products.

Whenever possible, Tom Hunt’s recipes include the whole ingredient, but sometimes the usually discarded, odds and ends become an invaluable ingredient in their own right. Like spent lemon rinds which make the most incredible marmalade or ‘aquafaba’ the liquid leftover from cooking pulses, a practically cost-free egg replacement that makes perfect mayonnaise, pastry or meringues.

Head over here to read my review and maybe win a copy of this fabulous and innovative cookbook.

“Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet” by Tom Hunt (Kyle Books, RRP £26) is available now in bookstores & Amazon.


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