Iceland Launches UK's Largest Frozen Vegan Range

Iceland Launches UK’s Largest Frozen Vegan Range

Iceland Launches UK's Largest Frozen Vegan Range

Iceland vegan range has just been launched following the success of the vegan No Bull Burger. The retailer has now the largest frozen vegan range in the UK. The success of the vegan No Bull Burger has taken everyone by surprise, outselling all other burgers in the range and becoming Iceland’s bestselling product of the summer.

Iceland’s Head Chef Neil Nugent said: “When we started spotting consumers using our ‘No Bull’ burger to create their own recipes on social media, we knew we had to create a full vegan range.

Iceland Launches UK's Largest Frozen Vegan Range - No Bull Burger

According to Kantar Worldpanel, more than a quarter of evening meals are now either vegan or vegetarian and this new frozen vegan range has been designed to allow customers to cook like they would with meat and provide the solution for those wanting to eat more plant based foods without sacrificing the taste or texture.

Iceland’s frozen vegan range incorporates entirely new ingredients to the retailer including tofu and wheat based proteins, and demonstrates how tasty and diverse vegan food can be. Consumers will not only be able to create their own dishes at home and experiment with new flavours, but also enjoy the convenience of ready meals.

Iceland Launches UK's Largest Frozen Vegan Range - No Chick Chunks

New innovative foods include No Chick Chunks above, and No Bull Asian Burgers below which include wheat protein seasoned with Asian spices.

Iceland Launches UK's Largest Frozen Vegan Range - Asian Burgers

Iceland’s frozen vegan range includes:

  • No Bull Jalapeño Burgers – £2.00, 2 pack
    A taste on the classic No Bull burger, these spicy patties look and taste just like meat and have an extra kick from the jalapeño to add to their rich and juicy flavour.
  • No Chick Crispy Fillets – £2.00, 2 pack
    These crispy coated fillets are the perfect for alternative to traditional coated chicken steaks, with a juicy pulled texture to replicate the nation’s favourite meat.
  • No Chick Chunks – £3.50, 320g
    Perfect for frying and flavouring with seasoning and sauces for all your favourite chicken dishes, these No Chick Chunks can replace chicken and fool even the most die-hard poultry fan.
  • No Bull ‘Meat’ Balls – £2.00, 16 pack
    The perfect ‘meaty’ alternative for classic family favourites like spaghetti and meatballs.
  • No Bull Mince – £3.50, 500g
    Ideal for replacing beef mince in your dishes and with less than 10% fat it’s amazingly healthy.
  • No Bull Sausages – £2.00, 8 pack
    Taking the popular flavour of the ‘No Bull Burger’ into family favourite chipolata sausages, making fry-ups a little more vegan friendly.
  • No Chick and No Porkies Paella – £2.00, 400g
    A quick and convenient meal for one, filled with meat-replicating chicken and chorizo, as well as a range of vegetables and rice, creating the perfect vegan dish.
  • No Bull Chilli and Rice – £2.00, 400g
    Another quick and convenient dish for one, packed with No Bull Mince, vegetables and rice to create the perfect plant-based chilli.
  • Asian Burgers – £2.00, 2 pack
    Asian-inspired wheat protein burgers with a firm texture and bite. They’re great for all types of cooking methods.
  • Tofu Vegetable Burgers – £2.00, 2 pack
    These unique tofu and vegetable burgers are a new approach to a classic vegan dish.
  • Green Vegetable Balls – £2.00, 16 pack
    The blend of red quinoa and green vegetables reveals all the vegetable-goodness in every bite. Perfect for classic meatball dishes, without the meat.

The range will be available in store and online from 3rd September 2018.

Iceland Launches UK's Largest Frozen Vegan Range - No Bull Jalapeno Burgers

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