Asda herbs go plastic-free

Asda launches plastic-free herbs

Asda herbs go plastic-free

Asda has repackaged its entire range of fresh living herbs to be plastic-free. All of Asda’s living herbs, currently sold in a plastic pot with a plastic wrap, will be moving into a new, more sustainable container called a ‘plug’.

The plastic wrap will also be replaced by a paper sleeve to protect the herbs, making the entire product plastic-free, which will save 45.6 tonnes of plastic each year.

Asda’s plastic-free herb range will be available from the end of September and includes seven different herbs:

· Rosemary
· Thyme
· Coriander
· Basil
· Mint
· Flat Parsley
· Curly Parsley

In addition, Asda aims to become the first supermarket to move its entire own brand fresh ready meal range into fully recyclable packaging by 2025.

“Over 130 million of our ready meals are purchased each year by our customers, so this change to packaging means customers don’t have to prioritise plastic reduction over grocery decision making, ensuring they can continue purchasing quality products at great prices, but with the added value of recycle-ready packaging.”- Paul Gillow, Asda’s Vice President of Own-Brand and Commercial Strategy


From 3rd November, in-line with the retailer’s ongoing commitment to ‘use less and recycle more’, 97 of Asda’s fresh ready meal lines will move to new ‘Evolve’ by Faerch trays, made from natural cPET – a form of detectable and recyclable plastic. The move will transform 775 tonnes of plastic and 45 million ready meal trays from non-recyclable to recyclable material.

Pictures credit: Asda


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