Minestrone Soup with Organic Spinach, Ricotta & Pistachio Dumplings [vegetarian]

Minestrone Soup with Organic Spinach, Ricotta & Pistachio Dumplings [vegetarian] by Rosie Birkett

In the run up to the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards, today I am sharing this delicious recipe for Minestrone Soup with Organic Spinach, Ricotta & Pistachio Dumplings by Rosie Birkett.

This hearty vegetarian recipe is bursting with flavoursome vegetables. It was a big hit with my kids. The dumplings make a really nice addition. I serve this soup with some organic sourdough bread to sponge up every single drop of it!

I love cooking with organic vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs or meat as they simply taste better. Also organic products are often less processed and contain less additives which in my book can only be a good thing.

When I started The Flexitarian’s blog, I wanted to explore how the food we eat is linked to our health, animal welfare and the environment. As such, organic plays an essential role preserving this delicate balance.

Like many people, I really got into buying organic products when I had kids. I wanted to give them the best start in life by reducing the amount of chemicals they came into contact with. I am convinced organic is best for health and to this day, I aim to buy as many organic products as I can, even if I have to be frugal at times.

Organic products are not only best for our health, they are also better for the environment. Organic farming uses fewer pesticides improving the health of the soil. It also releases less greenhouse gases and benefits wildlife biodiversity.

In addition, organic farming provides better welfare standards for animals, allowing them more space, fresh air, fewer drugs or antibiotics.

The Best of Organic Market (BOOM) Awards are the UK’s only dedicated organic awards celebrating people and businesses working to produce the best of Organic food.

This year you can get involved with organic too, the BOOMs Nation’s Favourite Award asks the people to find and vote for the most popular organic product. Nominations are open NOW until to Wednesday, May 31st – make sure you have your say here.


This post was commissioned by The Soil Association

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