Quorn Hotpot Zero Waste Recipe by The Flexitarian

Quorn Hotpot [zero waste recipe]

This Quorn Hotpot zero waste recipe is designed to make use of whatever vegetables you have left in the fridge. You can pretty much throw in whatever you want! My only rule is to aim for a variety to make it colourful.

Here I have used three carrots that were going a bit soft, a parsnip that had seen better days, half a head of broccoli that was lurking in the fridge, a small red pepper, some leftover cooked lentils (I always make too much), three tablespoons of corn (leftover from my kids’ lunchboxes), a handful of mushrooms and some frozen peas (that had been forgotten at the bottom of the freezer). I did not have enough of any of these vegetables to make a meal on their own but, combined together in this Quorn Hotpot recipe, they make a fabulous dish.

Other vegetables that do work quite well here include swede, green beans, celery, shredded cabbage or whatever odds and ends you have of seasonal produce.

The vegetables are simmered in a creamy sauce, which is absorbed while the hotpot is cooking, leaving you with moist and tender Quorn Pieces. This one-pot recipe can easily be made to be vegan by using Quorn Vegan Pieces and some dairy-free cream.
I hate waste, especially food waste, so once a week I go through the fridge and try to get inventive with whatever I find. The easiest thing to do is to blend everything in a soup (even hummus!) but I also love adding Quorn Pieces or Quorn Mince to turn leftovers into a more substantial meal.

Quorn products are great if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, but they’re also a tasty substitute when you are trying to reduce your meat consumption too.

The food we eat creates an enormous amount of waste. In fact, on average, UK households throw away a shocking six meals per week. When we throw away food we not only waste money but we also waste water, energy and other valuable resources that are necessary to bring food from field to fork.

The good news is that, more often than not, small changes in our everyday lives can have a positive impact on the planet. When it comes to cooking, finding adaptable and flexible recipes where you can swap around ingredients is paramount.

If you are looking for ways to reduce waste, you can get some easy tips to live a zero waste life as well as some zero waste recipe inspiration from the new Quorn Zero Waste page.


This recipe was commissioned by Quorn.


Quorn Hotpot Zero Waste Recipe by The Flexitarian
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