Oumph! Vegan Range Now Available at Wholefoods


Ever since trying Oumph! last year, I have been looking forward to seeing it in the shops here in the UK. Well, I have some good news, as the award-winning Swedish range is now available at Wholefoods in four varieties: Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced and The Chunk.

Sorry, but what is Oumph! ??

Oumph! is a soy based meat analogue which has taken Scandinavia by storm. In 2016 it was awarded Food Product of the Year by the Swedish Grocers Federation. The full range is completely plant-based, free from gluten, dairy and nuts. Maybe some of you did already try it at Just V Show this Summer.

The soya is bought from producers in countries where farming doesn’t take place in deforested areas.

What does it taste like?

Quite simply Oumph! looks, feels and tastes like meat. The first time I tried it, I was sooo convinced it was meat! While seasoned vegans and vegetarians might feel squeamish, others will enjoy its structure, bite and chewiness. What a fantastic range for flexitarians who are looking for tasty meat substitutes. It’s a product for everyone and my kids absolutely love it.

The Oumph! products are designed to create cravings for a wide audience, including families, foodies, chefs and fast food loving vegans.

How do I cook it ?

The great thing about Oumph! is that it is really easy to cook. You can simply fry it from frozen or thawed in a little bit of oil but also grill, boil, sauté, deep-fry or heat it over an open fire.

Oumph Open Face Kebab

The current UK range includes Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced and The Chunk.

The Chunk is Pure Oumph! and contains only soya protein concentrate, water and salt. You can then add your own seasonings to make it your own.

Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic and Kebab Spiced are already seasoned so you can simply add vegetables, herbs, condiments etc.. of your choice.

Once cooked you can serve Oumph! on bread, tortillas, wraps, grains, noodles, salad . .  Think tacos, kebabs, nachos, barbecues, it is really versatile so you can adapt it to your own liking.  At the launch event this week, we enjoyed some tasty Pulled Oumph! Sliders, Thyme & Garlic On-The-Go Salads and Open Face Kebabs.

Oumph Slider

Where do I find it?

Look out for Oumph! at your nearest Wholefoods in the frozen section. SRP £4.99 for a bag of 280 gram.

You can read more about Oumph! here, follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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