Golden Overnight Porridge [vegan] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian © Annabelle Randles

Golden Overnight Porridge

Power up your day with this bright, colourful and aromatic golden overnight porridge. Lightly spiced, it is bursting with flavours and goodness for a super healthy breakfast.

Quick to prepare, it also makes a perfect breakfast on-the-go option if you have limited time in the morning.

I have used a blend of earthy warming and comforting spices: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon as well as a pinch of pepper. You can serve this porridge with seasonal fruits (banana and blueberry is one of my favourites), shelled hemp, coconut flakes and raw honey.

This recipe makes two portions. Simply prepare it the night before and keep it in the fridge until ready to use. This golden overnight porridge will keep a few days refrigerated in an airtight container.

I created this recipe for Buy Wholefoods Online who kindly sent me some ingredients for it.


Turmeric is a superfood, containing curcumin which is reknown for its anti-inflammatory properties and thought to protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation. An essential ingredient in Asian cuisine, turmeric has an earthy flavour and gives a gorgeous glow to dishes.

By choosing organic turmeric you can be confident that it has been produced without chemicals, ensuring unadulterated nutritional value and taste.


Hemp is a good source of plant protein, and is rich in fibre and essential fatty acids. Hemp seeds have a coarse outer coating, so I much prefer using shelled hemp.

These organic shelled hemp seeds have been shelled/hulled to remove the outer crunchy layer, leaving the soft middle of the seed known as the hemp heart. According to Buy Wholefoods Online, this process also makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the protein, omega fatty acids, amino acids, iron, magnesium and potassium within.

Shelled hemp seeds have a soft and creamy texture which makes them perfect for salads, breads, soups, stews, cakes, porridge etc..

Raw honey is said to be more nutritious than regular honey as it is extracted from the honeycombs and bottled unprocessed without filtration or pasteurisation.

Buy Wholefoods Online‘s Raw Wild Flower Bulgarian Honey is made from the nectar of a wide variety of wild, pollen-rich flowers giving it a distinctive and unique herbal taste. Unheated and unfiltered it has a delicious taste, full of flavours and aromas.  It is perfect to naturally sweeten porridge, drinks or to spread on bread.


Disclaimer: this recipe is sponsored by Buy Wholefoods Online.


Golden Overnight Porridge [vegan] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian © Annabelle Randles
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