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Eva Solo

While there are quite a few reusable cups and water bottles out there, few blend design and functionality better than Eva Solo.

Like Nordic Noir films, Nordic Design has gained in popularity around the globe. What’s not to like really? Clean lines with functional, high quality designs specifically created to meet the challenges of modern lives.

Launched in Denmark over 20 years ago, Eva Solo together with their designers have, over the years, been awarded more than 200 international design prizes for their kitchen, home and garden collections.

Like many of you, I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging I use. Using reusable water bottles and cups is really an easy step to take towards reducing plastic pollution. Did you know that an estimated 1,500 plastic bottles end up as waste in landfills or in the ocean every second? And that while many people are outraged by plastic pollution only a third of the UK population drink from reusable bottles when out and about?

Besides the waste generated, buying bottled water is expensive and unnecessary while you can easily drink free tap water. With the emergence of more free public water fountains and some coffee shops offering discounts or loyalty points on hot drinks when customers bring a reusable cup, this is a simple way we can benefit the environment and our wallets.

A couple of weeks ago, Eva Solo kindly send me two of their products to review: MyFlavour Drinking Bottle and Urban To Go Cup.

Eva Solo My Flavour

I probably should be drinking more water. To be honest, except when I work out, I get bored with it and much prefer tea or coffee. Still, I try to be good and always carry a reusable water bottle in my handbag whenever I am out and about. MyFlavour Drinking Bottle is not your typical bottle. It comes with a metal skewer to conveniently flavour your water with your favourite fruits, vegetables and / or herbs. The skewer is removable and easily unscrews whenever you do not need it. I found other similar bottles featuring a “basket” compartment to hold vegetables or fruits much less convenient to clean.


MyFlavour Drinking Bottle holds 750ml and has a handy holding strap which comes in grey, black or green. It is made of BPA free plastic and has a stainless steel cap. It is dishwasher-safe but personally I always wash plastic food and drink containers by hand.

With its eye catching yet simple design, I have found that my new water bottle is a great conversation starter. Having a dash of natural flavour in my water certainly made it more interesting and I (finally) found myself simply drinking more of it. No leaks either which is a definite bonus. The only downside is the price as MyFlavour Drinking Bottle retails between £25-£30. A bit pricey I think but at the same time Eva Solo does not compromise on quality. You can find it here.

Urban To Go Cup


We own quite a few reusable coffee cups. Graham’s energy is fuelled with caffeine and he will often leave early in the morning, generally in a hurry coffee mug in hand. This is a bad habit he picked up from our days living in busy New York City. Over there, you think nothing of it, sipping on a hot drink as you rush around. Nowadays I feel we should be able to spare five minutes to sit down but somehow it does not seem to happen very often. One downside of our reusable cups is that without fail they all leak when you are on the move. You need to be quite careful to hold them straight and not shake them too much. Not the most practical.

Eva Solo’s Urban To Go Cup is made of stainless steel which does not stain. It is also a double walled thermo cup with a vacuum that will keep your drinks hot (or cold). Tall and slender, with a capacity of 350ml the Eva Solo’s Urban To Go Cup opens and closes with a functional lid and click function which is easy to use with only one hand. Available in four colours, it is also dishwasher-safe.



The Urban To Go Cup has become a clear favourite in Graham’s morning routine. Not only do the hot drinks stay warm for longer, the tight fitting cap ensures there are no leaks. What an improvement! Available from £32 it is fair to say that convenience does not come cheap but somehow I feel this is quality and functionality worth splashing out for. You can find it here.

Single use cups and bottles are a plague for the planet. Eva Solo brings design, quality and functionality to everyday items so we can all make small changes that have a big impact. Let’s choose to re-use.

Disclaimer: thanks to Eva Solo for sending a MyFlavour Drinking Bottle and Urban To Go Cup. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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