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Top Chomps - The Fun Way To Learn About Your 5-a-day

Top Chomps – The Fun Way To Learn About Your 5-a-day

A few months ago, I received some sets of Top Chomps to try out. The timing could not have been more perfect as, this year, I have been working as a school Cook Club tutor with Sutton People’s Kitchen. Our aim is to engage kids and parents to cook from scratch and learn what a balanced […]

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The Hot List - July 2016

The Hot List – July 2016

1. COCONUT & PEANUT BUTTER FROM MERIDIAN I could not resist grabbing one of these from the supermarket shelf. The best of both worlds, coconut and peanut brought together in a delicious smooth spread. Great on toast, porridge or in smoothie. The taste is not as strong as peanut butter with the added mellowness of […]

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Tofuture Tofu Press

How To Press Tofu + Tofu Press Giveaway

My first tofu pressing experience involved a plate, a chopping board and a kettle filled with water. A precarious game of jenga which of course ended up in disaster when it all came crashing down. For many years, tofu was a mysterious ingredient I was  not sure what to do with. I found it bland, squishy […]

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THUD's Recipe Box Review  + Giveaway

THUD’s Recipe Box Review + Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago, a vegetable box from THUD dropped through my letterbox. Inside, I found a selection of neatly packed seasonal vegetables ready to be cooked. Also included, were two recipe cards designed around the box’s contents. The Roasted Red Rice Salad included golden beetroot, carrots, spring onions and radishes. The Sweet Potato Rösti With Minty […]

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The Hot List - May 2016

The Hot List – May 2016

1. HODMEDOD’S BRITISH ROASTED PEAS WITH HORSERADISH Our visit to the London’s Falafel Festival was a big success for the whole family. We enjoyed delicious falafels in the relaxed atmosphere of Borough Market. We also picked up a few bags of Hodmedod’s British Roasted Peas with Horseradish. They make a super delicious and tasty snack. […]

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Going Meat Free in May with COOK's Frozen Vegetarian Range

Going Meat Free in May with COOK’s Frozen Vegetarian Range

I first got to experience COOK‘s meals after my daughter was born. At the time, I was given one of their gift voucher by a friend. What a fantastic present for a new mum. I filled up my freezer with COOK’s delicious hand-prepared meals. A real life saver at a time when I was trying to juggle […]

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Crobar - The Cricket Flour Protein Bar

Crobar – The Cricket Flour Protein Bar

Healthy and sustainable snacks are hard to come across, so I was excited to discover Crobar a high protein, high fibre, no added sugar protein bar. Free from gluten, soy and dairy, Crobar is the perfect snack before or after exercise. It is boosting an unusual ingredient: cricket flour. Actually, with around 2 billion people in the […]

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Keeping Moving With Simply Supplements - Review + Giveaway

Keeping Moving With Simply Supplements – Review + Giveaway

Hands up if your head still feels in your twenties while your body starts telling you a different story. That’s me, anyway! From running, swimming or going to the gym, I have always enjoyed exercising. After having kids, I started yoga and now in my forties the triathlon bug is hitting me. Since January though, my aches and […]

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Delicious Ways To Eat Comté Cheese + 2 Recipes

Delicious Ways To Eat Comté Cheese + 2 Recipes

Growing up I devoured my way through many slices of Comté cheese, never grasping its full beautiful complexity. Made in Franche-Comté, a picturesque area of north-east France stretching between Jura, Bourgogne, Ain and Alsace, this long lasting, hard aged cheese can be subtle or intense depending on its age and when it was produced. Did you know […]

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It's British Pie Week - Go On Try a Vegetarian Pie!

It’s British Pie Week – Go On Try a Vegetarian Pie!

To celebrate British Pie Week (March 7 – 13 th), I have teamed up with Pieminister who have kindly sent me a selection of their vegetarian pies to try out. Pieminister is a family business based in Bristol that was set up in 2003. To this date they are still making their award-winning pies themselves,  using ethically […]

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