Roasted Butternut, Kale & Comté Salad [flexitarian] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian

Roasted Butternut, Kale & Comté Salad [flexitarian] [gluten free]

I love the rich colours of butternut and kale. Together they make a delicious combination.

I made this salad and curried mini quiches for Comté Cheese who very kindly send me some slabs of cheese to sample and work with.

It was hard to refuse as I am originally from Franche Comté a region in the East of France. It is a very picturesque area of mountains, pastures and forests. We are very proud of our cheese which was granted Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status in 1958. The production is based on traditional methods and use high quality milk sourced from specific grass-fed cow breeds.

A strong and hard cheese, Comté makes a superb addition to any cheese board but also melts beautifully so you can add it to quiches, cakes, gratins etc..

It is also one of my kids’ favourite cheese. I started them on Comté early on ( 🙂 )  as it is very high in calcium (910 mg / 100g cheese).

Here in the UK you can buy Comté from specialist cheese shops and some supermarkets.

For this recipe I used 24-month old Comté. It pairs perfectly with the pecan, pomegranate and cumin flavours. Sumac adds a nice tangy twist, while butternut and kale have a definite Autumn feel.

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