Radish Recipes

With their peppery notes, radishes are ideal to add a zingy crunch and colour to vegetarian and vegan recipes. Served with butter and salt, they are a popular French appetiser or snack.

Radishes are usually eaten raw. They are also great pickled and can even be cooked in stir-fries, soups, etc…

Can you grow radish at home?

You can easily grow radishes at home in containers or small beds. They are a rewarding vegetable to grow with kids as they tolerate different soil types and are quick to crop.

If you decide to grow radish at home, you will have plenty of choices. From the popular ‘French Breakfast’ to ‘Black Spanish’ to ‘Tsukushi Spring Cross’, radishes come in many different varieties and colours. Their taste varies from mild to spicy.

Can you eat radish leaves?

Radish green leafy tops are bursting with nutritional goodness and can be eaten raw. Just add them to salads, swirl them into soups or mix them into some homemade pesto to eat with pasta. Keep in mind that some radish leaves have a slightly fuzzy texture which can put off some people.

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UK Season: April to September

Nutritional Content: Good source of vitamin C and fibre. They also contain anti-oxidants and some folate, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese and calcium.

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