Apple Compote With No Refined Sugar [vegan] [gluten free] © The Flexitarian - Annabelle Randles

Apple Compote With No Refined Sugar [vegan] [gluten free]

Apple compote (French for applesauce) is a classic. It pleases everyone. So versatile, it is one of the first healthy purée I gave my kids as babies and still one of my dad’s favourite snack at almost 80.

Apple compote is quick and easy to make. Homemade, certainly tastes better than store-bought versions which I usually found to sweet.

This recipe uses dates instead of sugar. You can eat it on its own for breakfast, snack, lunchbox or dessert. It is also a perfect topping for yoghurt (with homemade muesli as on the picture above), pancakes or simply toast.

You can use this apple compote to replace eggs in vegan cakes or if you feel a bit more ambitious, get some puff pastry and make apple turnovers.

I added some vanilla and cinnamon but feel free to tweak with your favourite spice.


Apple Compote With No Refined Sugar [vegan] [gluten free]


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