Bombay Burger from Veggie Burger Atelier [vegan]

Bombay Burger [vegan] by Nina Olsson

This Bombay Burger vegan recipe by Nina Olsson is taken from Veggie Burger Atelier, £16.99, Quarry Books. Reproduced here with permission.

You can read my review of Veggie Burger Atelier here.

Curry spices are both comforting and invigorating, and when mixed with cauliflower they make a powerful flavor experience! This patty gets its beautiful golden color from turmeric, the little root that’s been making headlines as a superfood.

Turmeric has a healing effect on our bodies when it’s eaten regularly—something the rich cooking tradition of India has made good use of for thousands of years is now acknowledged by studies in the West.

This delicious curry patty is accompanied by a sesame-carrot salad and lime cashew cream for vegan goodness!

Veggie Burger Atelier

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