Watercress, Turmeric and Carrot Soup [vegan] by The Watercress Company

Watercress, Turmeric and Carrot Soup [vegan] by The Watercress Company

Looking for a warming soup? Why not try this delicious Watercress, Turmeric and Carrot Soup recipe (picture credit Lara-Jane Thorpe) from my friends at The Watercress Company.

Last May I visited Drayton Watercress Farm in Alresford, Hampshire. My host Tom Amery, managing director of The Watercress Company made it such an interesting day as we walked through large beds of watercress, that resembled more rice paddy fields than your usual salad beds.

Watercress was traditionally grown and harvested during the winter months. A favourite during Victorian times, it was consumed by people across Europe to give them a flavoursome nutritional boost. Considered by many as a superfood, watercress is really versatile.

Did you know that eaten raw, gram for gram, watercress contains more vitamin C than an orange? Also, watercress also boasts high levels of iron, but what is less known is that for the body to absorb the iron found in plants, there needs to be a large amount of vitamin C present.  Clearly watercress ticks this box and so anyone eating watercress can fully benefit from its iron content too.

I love it in salads and soups. I am delighted that The Watercress Companyoffered to share this recipe for Watercress, Turmeric and Carrot Soup. With warming turmeric and ginger, as well as nutritious watercress and carrot this makes a delicious and filling lunch (or light dinner). Serve it with pumpkin seeds, (dairy free) yoghurt and pitta bread.

If you would like more ideas on what to cook with watercress please check this recipe for Black Bean & Watercress Burgers as well as these moreish Chocolate, Orange & Watercress Brownies.



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