Fermented Foods Hummus [vegan] by Dunja Gulin by Dunja Gulin

Fermented Foods Hummus [vegan] by Dunja Gulin

This recipe for Fermented Foods Hummus is extracted from “Hummus Where The Heart Is” by Dunja Gulin, picture by Mowie Kay. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Reproduced here with permission.

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A word from Dunja . . .

As a fermented-foods enthusiast, I’m always trying to incorporate home-fermented foods into our meals. Anything that has undergone the process of wild fermentation has an intense umami taste and is more nutritious and much easier to digest. Make your own rejuvelac and kimchi following recipes from my cookbook on fermented foods, or buy good-quality kimchi in a health-food shop. Just look for unpasteurized fermented products, if available.

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