Pulled Jackfruit [vegan] by Jack Stein 2019 © Annabelle Randles The Flexitarian

Pulled Jackfruit [vegan] by Jack Stein

This vegan Pulled Jackfruit recipe is published here in collaboration with Jack Stein and St Austell Brewery.

Juicy, meaty and tender these delicious pulled jackfruit buns are served with homemade pickled onions, red cabbage and cucumber. They pack tons of flavour and quite a bit of punch so feel free to skip the cayenne pepper if you prefer something milder. For a more authentic street food feel, do not hesitate to use bao buns instead of burger buns.

If you have never tried jackfruit before you will be amazed. It such a wholesome and clever vegan meat substitute. Jackfruit grows in Southeast Asia and as its name suggests… is a fruit. However, it has a dense and fleshy texture with plenty of fibre. Perhaps surprisingly, jackfruit’s flesh has the appearance and texture of pulled pork. Cooked with spices, herbs and condiments it will absorb the flavours around it, making it a brilliant plant-based alternative to pulled pork or pulled chicken.

Chef Jack Stein has teamed up with St Austell Brewery to develop a collection of dishes that pair with its extensive beer selection. He has created this hearty Pulled Jackfruit that is not only easy to make but also really tasty and satisfying. Something quick to enjoy on a busy weekday evening or with friends at the weekend.  It is without a doubt a perfect match for one of St Austell Brewery’s flagship beers, the Tribute Cornish Pale Ale.

Tribute Beer St Austell New

Based in Cornwall, St Austell Brewery has been producing beer since 1851 and is one of the oldest independent family brewers in South West England. Their estate of pubs, inns and hotels spans from Bristol to the Isles of Scilly.

Created by head brewer Roger Ryman, Tribute was originally brewed in April 1999 under the name Daylight Robbery, as a short-term seasonal beer celebrating the upcoming total eclipse of the sun. It quickly became the brewery’s best-selling beer, relaunching under the name Tribute in 2001 to become a permanent St Austell Brewery beer. It is a favourite throughout South West England and one of the fastest growing premium cask ale brands in the rest of the UK.

Once you taste Tribute, its success comes as no surprise. Cool and refreshing, this is a classic pale ale of superior quality with a glorious light amber glow.  Its delicious zesty orange and grapefruit flavours perfectly balance and soften the spicy notes of this Pulled Jackfruit recipe. Absolutely superb . . so much so that Graham had to have another bottle !

What’s more is that, whether bottled or kegged, Tribute is suitable for vegans or vegetarians as it is clarified by filtration and therefore does not contain any added animal-derived isinglass finings.

This Veganuary, St Austell Brewery’s coastal pubs not only have a dedicated vegan menu but you can also enjoy 10% off vegan dishes.

Make sure you check St Austell Brewery to find out more about their full range of beers and where to enjoy them.


Disclaimer:  this post is sponsored by St Austell Brewery. The recipe was reproduced from their website. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Pulled Jackfruit by Jack Stein [vegan] © Annabelle Randles | The Flexitarian
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