Steamed Sweet Potato Rice Balls [vegetarian] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian

Steamed Sweet Potato Rice Balls with Sage™ The Steam Zone [vegetarian] [gluten free]

These Steamed Sweet Potato Rice Balls are super light and delicious. They have a scrumptious curry taste and are served with a fresh and herby yoghurt dip that the whole family can enjoy. Each sweet potato ball is coated with rice grains which expands while cooking in the steamer resulting in them looking spiky.

This is a healthy vegetarian, gluten-free and oil-free recipe, using coconut flour, curry and rice. You can easily make it dairy-free by using coconut yoghurt instead or Greek yoghurt. Steaming is a great way to preserve nutrients and eat healthy. It also makes food very light which is perfect for this recipe.

Make sure you soak the rice first so it cooks properly afterwards.

I created this recipe for Sage Appliances using The Steam Zone steamer. You can read my review here.

If you do not have an electric steamer, you can also make this recipe in steaming baskets placed over pans of boiling water.


Steamed Sweet Potato Rice Balls [vegetarian] - Step 7

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