Butternut & Spinach Curry [vegan] © The Flexitarian

Butternut & Spinach Curry [vegan]

This butternut & spinach curry makes a hearty and healthy dinner. Ready in less than 40 mins this is another of our one-pot family favourites.

The butternut is cooked in a light tomato sauce, lightly spiced with aromatic garam masala, ginger and tamarind. I have added some baby spinach and chickpea to boost the nutritional content of this vegan dish.

I like to serve this butternut & spinach curry with some wholegrain rice, fresh coriander, a squeeze of lime juice, some naan bread and a spoon of dairy-free yoghurt. If you prefer something spicier, do not hesitate to add some chilli flakes on top.

Available all year long, butternut squash is at its best between September and December in the UK. With a gorgeous orange flesh naturally rich in beta carotene, vitamin Bs, potassium and fibre, butternut squash is an essential autumn vegetable.

If like me, you love the combination of butternut and curry check out my curried butternut squash soup recipe below. Another seasonal must-try bursting with flavours, it is served with chopped walnuts, fresh coriander and a swirl of dairy-free cream or yoghurt.


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Butternut squash is also perfect in winter salads such as this roasted butternut squash, broccoli and lentil salad tossed in a creamy tahini dressing. It makes a delicious and satisfying lunch or light dinner.

Butternut & Spinach Curry [vegan] © The Flexitarian
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