Creamy Leeks &; Butter Beans [vegan]

Creamy Leeks & Butter Beans [vegan]

These delicious Creamy Leeks & Butter Beans are the ultimate comfort food. Cooked in a white wine “cheesy” vegan cashew sauce, they are served with slices of crusty bread and topped with freshly chopped parsley and chilli flakes.

This dish makes a hearty lunch or dinner that the whole family can enjoy together.

For this vegan recipe, I have used cashews and nutritional yeast to replace dairy cream and cheese. You will need to soak the cashews ahead in water (between 4 hours to overnight) before blending them to a paste.

The leeks are first cooked with garlic and thyme until soft. White wine and vegetable stock are then added with the butter beans followed by the cashew paste, a dash of Dijon mustard and some nutritional yeast.

I like to season these Creamy Leeks & Butter Beans with plenty of lemon juice and devour them with slices of fresh sourdough.

This is a similar recipe to my Creamy Leeks on Toast with the added plant-based protein goodness from the butter beans.


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Creamy Leeks &; Butter Beans [vegan]
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