Jamaican Tofu Scramble [vegan] by The Flexitarian

Jamaican Tofu Scramble [vegan]

This Jamaican Tofu Scramble is bursting with flavours and sunshine. Brunch or breakfast, this is a great recipe to start the day.

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful hamper from Grace Foods to help us celebrate Caribbean Food Week.

This took us back to our honeymoon in the Virgin Islands, a magical week of soaking up the sun and diving into the crystal clear waters of Virgin Gorda.

Complete with two straw hats and an inflatable palm tree (!!), the hamper included a mix of Grace and Dunn’s River goodies.

Hamper Caribbean Food Week

Ackee (a mild-tasting fruit that pairs well in savoury dishes) and callaloo (similar to spinach) are both traditional and popular Caribbean foods.

I decided to make a Jamaican Tofu Scramble, that can be enjoyed for breakfast or brunch. What a perfect way to start this bank holiday week end!

Jamaican Tofu Scramble Ingredients v600

Fresh and fruity, Grace’ s Mango Aloe Vera drink makes the perfect pair with this scramble.

Jamaican Tofu Scramble [vegan] by The Flexitarian


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