Orange & Black Bean Quinoa Salad [vegan] [gluten free]

Orange & Black Bean Quinoa Salad [vegan] [gluten free]

Bright and colourful this Orange & Black Bean Quinoa Salad is quick and easy to prepare. Vegan and gluten-free, this is a delicious recipe filled with invigorating flavours. Perfect when the weather is a bit grey and you are craving something fresh.

At this season, I like to add some oranges which go so well with black beans and make this salad extra juicy.

This Orange & Black Bean Quinoa Salad makes a balanced meal on its own as quinoa is a complete plant-based protein. This dish is loaded with fruits and vegetables and the black beans bring extra protein and fibre. It is also gluten-free.

How to make this quinoa salad

You will need to cook the quinoa first in boiling water which should only take between 10-12mins. When done, drain the quinoa well and set it aside to cool down.

To speed things up, you can prepare the rest of the ingredients while the quinoa is cooking.

The vegetables and fruits are simply sliced and diced.

The dressing is made with olive oil, cider vinegar, lime juice, maple syrup, garlic and a dash of ground cumin. For an extra kick, I like to add some chilli flakes.

Once everything is ready, you can simply toss the dressing with the rest of the ingredients and serve straightaway.

To give some colours to my quinoa salads, I like to use a combination of white, red and black quinoa. You will find it in the shops under tricolour or rainbow quinoa.

What quinoa good for?

Quinoa is a complete plant-based protein which means that it contains all nine essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are essential for your body to function as they help cells grow, heal and repair.

As our bodies cannot make amino acids on their own, they need to be supplemented by our diet. Most food sources of amino acids are found in animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy and fish. Plant-based sources that are considered to be complete protein include quinoa, buckwheat and soy.

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Orange & Black Bean Quinoa Salad [vegan] [gluten free]
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