Hasselback Butternut with Mushrooms [vegan] © Annabelle Randles | The Flexitarian

Hasselback Butternut with Mushrooms [vegan] [gluten free]

Bright and colourful this hasselback butternut is served with mushrooms and cannellini beans. Topped with a delicious coriander pesto, this is an easy main course that looks as impressive as it is tasty.

The butternut is first cooked in the oven for 15mins to soften the flesh so that it is easier to cut. You will need a sharp knife to cut the squash into thin slices. Each slice should be around 3-5mm. Make sure not to cut all the way down as each butternut half should still hold together by a thin border at the bottom.

Once you have sliced each butternut squash, return them to the oven for 30-40mins. In the meantime, you can prepare the mushroom and the coriander pesto.

Homemade pesto can sometimes turn out to be slightly bitter. This is easily rectified by added more nuts.

I like to serve this hasselback butternut squash with some chopped cashews on top with some extra crunch.

Butternut squash makes superb soups, casseroles, curries. You can also add it to mash or cook it on its own in pies and savoury tarts.

If you are looking for more inspiration on what to cook with butternut, head over to this section which includes all my latest recipes such as my roasted butternut on toast recipe makes a tasty lunch or light dinner.⠀The bread slices are topped with homemade hummus, pan-fried spinach, and oven-roasted butternut. Served warm with a drizzle of harissa on top for extra flavour. So good!⠀


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