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Pumpkin Bread [vegan] |


Pumpkin Bread [vegan] © The Flexitarian - Annabelle Randles

Pumpkin Bread [vegan]

Pumpkin bread makes a tasty seasonal alternative to banana bread. This loaf is filled with fragrant autumn spices and topped with sweet orange icing. Serve it for dessert, snack, afternoon tea or even breakfast if you like.

This is a quick and easy recipe where ingredients can be mixed together by hand. No need to use a food processor, a wooden spoon is all you need.

Instead of canned pumpkin puree, I used some fresh pumpkin flesh, which is cooked and mashed.

Make sure the pumpkin bread has cooled down completely before you add the orange icing.

You can substitute pecans with walnuts.


Pumpkin Bread [vegan] © The Flexitarian - Annabelle Randles
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