Thai Green Pumpkin Curry [vegan] [gluten free] © The Flexitarian - Annabelle Randles

Thai Green Pumpkin Curry [vegan] [gluten free]

I have been pondering about a name for this recipe. “Graham’s Favourite Curry” was a favourite for a while as my husband absolutely loves it (had to make it twice this week!). In the end we settled for the more traditional “Thai Green Pumpkin Curry” 🙂

This dish is very straightforward to make but you will need a blender to make the curry paste. Most of the work is in the cutting of the vegetable and the blending of the paste. After that, it cooks in a flash 15 minutes.

Serve it with wholegrain rice for a comforting dinner or lunch.

Thai Green Pumpkin Curry [vegan] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian
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