Ribolitta With Poached Eggs [vegetarian] by The Flexitarian

Ribollita With Poached Eggs [vegetarian]

A Tuscan classic, this ribollita is bursting with the delicious flavours and goodness of fresh vegetables. Served with a poached egg, it makes a complete meal.

Growing up I always enjoyed visiting my Italian great aunt. She was a woman of many culinary talents who instilled a love of homemade food cooked from fresh ingredients. This is why I love Italy and especially Tuscany.

If you like food, Tuscany is  a quintessential  destination. Fresh and authentic, Tuscan cuisine includes some simple yet stunning fare based on my favourite comfort foods: vegetables, bread, beans and of course pasta.

Never flashy or complicated, Tuscan cuisine is full of wonderful aromas and flavours. No trip to Tuscany would be complete without some wine tasting through the chianti vineyards stretching from Florence to Siena. Creamy gelatos are also a delicious treat which the whole family can enjoy while strolling through the streets.

What makes Tuscany so special to me is that you can immerse yourself in its unique history and culture while relishing on delicious food and enjoying stunning scenery. When it comes to holidays, it’s truly the whole package!

I developed this recipe for To Tuscany as part as their competition:“I want to win a week in one of your Tuscany villas!”. Wish me luck!

Ribolitta With Poached Eggs [vegetarian] by The Flexitarian

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