Rise & Shine Winter Porridge [vegan] by The Flexitarian

Rise & Shine Winter Porridge [vegan]

This Winter Porridge is loaded with vitamins from mango, banana, kiwi, orange and pomegranate. Topped with almond butter, almonds and shelled hemp this is a great combo to brighten up your day.

Many Winter fruits contains essential nutrients such as vitamin C or anti oxidants which help boost the immune system and ward off colds, bugs and flu.

While this is a cold recipe, you can add the same toppings on top of a warm bowl of porridge if you prefer.

Coming back from my morning run or workout, I sometimes prefer a cold overnight porridge mix, especially if I am in a rush. We tend to have a jar ready in the fridge so we can grab something quick and healthy.

The quantities make for 2 generous bowls. You could keep some toppings in the fridge and enjoy this Winter porridge over a few days.

Rise & Shine Winter Porridge [vegan] by The Flexitarian

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