Smoked Tofu Goulash [vegan] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian

Smoked Tofu Goulash [vegan] [gluten free]

Bursting with flavours and goodness this Smoked Tofu Goulash  is made with sweet potatoes, peppers and lots of smoked paprika.

A comforting dish, this recipe is straightforward to make. You can substitute smoked tofu for plain tofu if you prefer.

I created this recipe for Tofoo, a brand new tofu range handmade to a traditional Japanese recipe in small batches in Yorshire.

Tofoo  is organic (certified by the Soil Association), non-GM and also free of  gluten, wheat, yeast and dairy. You can read more about Tofoo here.

Smoked with beechwood, Tofoo Smoked adds a distinctive rich flavour which is also not too strong.


Smoked Tofu Goulash [vegan] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian
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