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Sweet Potato Wraps with Tahini Harissa Dressing [vegan]

These sweet potato wraps make a scrumptious lunch. Served with an addictive tahini harissa dressing and some freshly chopped coriander, there are filled with plant-based goodness.

I came up with this recipe while trying to use some odds and ends I had in the fridge: tomatoes, pepper, baby spinach leaves and avocado. You can swap the spinach for other greens like kale.  Courgette, cucumber or any leftover vegetables you have lying around will also work perfectly here. If you prefer a vegetarian option you can add eggs, halloumi or feta cheese.

How to make these sweet potato wraps

This is a very straightforward recipe. First, you will need to peel and slice the sweet potatoes. To ensure they cook evenly, make sure they are cut in 1/2cm [0.2 inches] thick slices. Toss the sliced sweet potatoes in olive oil and spices and spread them on a baking tray. They should be cooked in 20mins.

While the sweet potatoes are cooking in the oven, you can prepare the dressing and the rest of the vegetables.

Once the sweet potatoes are cooked, divide them between 4 medium flatbreads or 2 large ones. Add some freshly chopped coriander and some tahini harissa dressing on top. Carefully fold each tortilla and enjoy. Add more tahini harissa dressing as needed.

The quantities in this recipe make enough for 4 medium sweet potato wraps or 2 large ones.

Sweet Potato Wraps with Tahini Harissa Dressing [vegan]

A killer tahini dressing

This recipe comes to life thanks to a killer dressing made mainly from tahini, dairy-free yoghurt, harissa and spices. You can make it as thick or thin as you like by adjusting the amount of water in it. It is so delicious and versatile that you can use it with a variety of other roasted vegetables.

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You will find plenty of vegetarian and vegan sweet potatoes recipes here. One of the most popular dishes is my vegan sweet potato & chickpea Moroccan stew below.

This is one of my favourite dishes. It makes a quick and healthy one-pot wonder family meal. I like to serve it with couscous (or quinoa) topped with plenty of sliced almonds, freshly chopped coriander, mint, (dairy-free) yoghurt and red chilis. This dish is also great on its own served with flatbread.⠀


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