Warming Spinach Dahl [vegan] by The Flexitarian

Warming Spinach Dahl [vegan]

Inspired by the first British Dal festival, I decided to share this Warming Spinach Dahl recipe. This is a simple yet nutritious meal bursting with plant based goodness. A one-pot comforting meal enhanced by the warming heat of spices and ginger.

I can’t believe, I never shared this recipe before as I cook it quite often. It is super easy to prepare and makes a really nice lunch or light supper.

Try it whenever you feel like having something lighter than curry.

Dhal has generally a very creamy consistency but I prefer this recipe with the yellow split peas still holding their shapes. As you go along, do adjust the cooking time and water quantity to achieve your preferred consistency.

Serve this Warming Spinach Dahl with chapatis and fresh coriander.

Warming Spinach Dahl [vegan] by The Flexitarian


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