Fig & Nut Energy Bites [vegan] by The Flexitarian

Fig & Nut Energy Bites [vegan]

Energy bites make such a healthy snack. These crunchy Fig & Nut Energy Bites combine fig, pecan, cashews and chia seeds with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla for added flavour. They are high in fibre, healthy fats and proteins. Chia seeds also boost their calcium and omega content.

This recipe will help you get through mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps without having to reach for sugary snacks. The energy bites will keep for a few days in an airtight container in the fridge.

I used a mix of pecan and cashew nuts but you can substitute one for the other or even use almonds if you prefer.

Fig & Nut Energy Bites [vegan] by The Flexitarian


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