Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts 2019 © Annabelle Randles | The Flexitarian

Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts [vegan] [gluten free]

These maple-roasted Brussels sprouts with chestnuts are tossed in a super tasty Dijon maple dressing. They are served with crispy onions, juicy and crunchy pomegranate seeds as well as fragrant fresh thyme leaves. Simply gorgeous!

For this dish, I use store-bought cooked & peeled whole chestnuts which are readily available from most supermarkets. Both plain or wholegrain Dijon mustard work really well here.

This maple-roasted Brussels sprouts with chestnut dish is very straightforward to make. It is ideal for last minute holiday cooking when you feel like you could do with one more side dish but are running out of time and energy. This recipe is also perfect to rustle up on Boxing Day and serve alongside leftovers.

I was never a fan of Brussels sprouts until I discovered how delicious they were roasted. Roasting deepens their flavours beautifully, a far cry from uninspiring and bland boiled sprouts.

In fact roasted Brussels sprouts have become a bit of an obsession. So much so that most of the Brussels sprout recipes you will find on this blog are mostly … roasted!

Many of us have grown up hating Brussels sprouts and only eating them at Christmas. Such a shame as they are really nutritious. Sprouts are low in calories but high in fibre, vitamins A,C and K as well as folates. They are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient especially for anyone on a vegetarian or vegan diet. In the UK they can be enjoyed all year long but are at their best from September to February.


Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts 2019 © Annabelle Randles | The Flexitarian

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