Summer Berry Salad 2019 © Annabelle Randles The Flexitarian

Summer Berry Salad [vegetarian] [gluten free]

Served with a drizzle of fragrant basil & mint dressing, this Summer Berry Salad is bursting with flavours and goodness and makes a wholesome lunch or light dinner. Juicy strawberries and sweet blackberries are the perfect match for roasted asparagus, lentils, avocado and feta. You can skip the feta for a vegan version.

Last week I visited Hugh Lowe Farms, a Kent producer that has been growing UK berries for the past 125 years. The family business specialises in premium hand-harvested strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and is a proud member of Berry Gardens. You can read all about my Farm To Fork to Kent visit here .

Jubilee Selections Strawberries

For this recipe, I chose Jubilee Selections British-grown strawberries reknown for their exceptional quality, perfect heart shape and naturally sweet and aromatic flavours. I also used Driscoll’s Victoria Sweet Blackberries prized not only for their natural sweetness but also for their unrivalled taste and plumpness.

Both Jubilee Selections Strawberries and Driscoll’s Victoria Sweet Blackberries are perfect for snacks, but also an exquisite refreshing note to savoury dishes to which they lend their natural sweetness. Delightful, they brighten up any dish, and here give this salad a gorgeous and colourful Summer glow.

Driscoll's Victoria Sweet Blackberries

Strawberries and blackberries are not only good for our tastebuds but also good for our health. Nutrient powerhouses, they are rich in polyphenols, whose antioxydant properties help prevent degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

In addition, blackberries owe their deep gorgeous colour to anthocyanins (essential to cardiovascular health and blood flow) while strawberries are high in Vitamin C,  lycopene and beta carotene.

To enjoy the full nutritional goodness of berries, it is best to consume them in season when they have been picked locally at peak ripeness.

Look out for Jubilee Selections Strawberries from May to the end of September and Driscoll’s Victoria Sweet Blackberries from May to October. They can be found in the premium sections of Britain’s major supermarkets.


Disclaimer: This recipe is sponsored by Berry Gardens, Jubilee Selections and Sweet Blackberries. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Summer Berry Salad 2019 © Annabelle Randles The Flexitarian
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