Minty Pea Hummus [vegan]

Minty Pea Hummus [vegan]

This flavoursome pea hummus has a tasty minty twist. Perfect with crackers, raw vegetables or as a sandwich filler.

Colourful, this is a quick and healthy recipe that even the kids will enjoy. Frozen peas and spinach give it a gorgeous deep green glow.

Instead of adding oil, I now prefer to use the liquid the chickpeas are preserved in (aka aquafaba) to give my hummus recipes a silky and smooth texture.

Since we have been in lockdown, it has been a juggle to cook for everyone lunch and dinner every day. To simplify things, I am often making mezze platters with a dip such as this Minty Pea Hummus recipe, accompanied with raw vegetables, nuts, fruits, grilled halloumi, crackers or flatbread.

Another family favourite for you to look out for is this vegan pâté made from lentils, mushrooms and some liquid smoke (which you can find in supermarkets). So much flavour and umami depth!


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