45 Recipes to Share for National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week : 45 Recipes To Share

45 Recipes to Share for National Vegetarian Week

Back at university, I spent a lot of time with a bunch of Spanish guys who took food very seriously. Dinners went on and on, to the disbelief of our American classmates who expedited their meals at the drive through. We took hours, had great laughs, never ending discussions and truly enjoyed ourselves.

Later on, when I lived in New York, my group of friends came from all corners of the globe. We organised “International Dinners”, a potluck evening where the only rule was to bring a dish from your country. What a fantastic opportunity to try cuisines we were not accustomed to.

Sharing and enjoying food between friends and family is a great way to spend time and connect. This is the theme of National Vegetarian Week so I decided to round up a bunch of my favourite vegetarian and vegan recipes. Share these dishes with others so they can see how delicious meat-free food really is.


At Work

Soup can easily be transported in a leak proof container and is ideal for lunch. A big salad where everyone can tuck into or something sweet for coffee break are also simple dishes you can enjoy with your colleagues.


potluck Dinner

Dinner with friends are drastically simplified when everyone brings a dish to share. Chilis, curries, lasagnas etc.. make perfect dishes for a casual and relaxed meal.




Dips, salads and finger food are just what is needed for barbecues. For something straight forward you can also bring vegetables and fruits to cook directly on the grill.



Having a dish that is easy to transport, serve and eat is key for a picnic. I love making big salads or quiches that everyone can eat heartily.

Have a fantastic National Vegetarian Week and make sure you add your favourite sharing recipes in the comments box below.

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