Avocado Recipes

A perfect addition to salads, sandwiches or salsas, avocado makes a great addition to vegetarian and vegan recipes, and a star ingredients for raw foodists. Getting perfectly ripened avocados is hard. Buy ready-to-eat avocados or ripen them at home (at room temperature) next to a tomato, apple or banana to speed up the process.

What can you cook with avocado?

Avocadoes are often eaten raw in salads, sushi, salsa, cold soups or sandwiches. They are surprisingly tasty grilled like in this Grilled Avocado Buddha Bowl.

Their buttery texture is perfect as dairy-free substitute to add smoothness to smoothies, pasta sauces, chocolate mousse, ice creams, dips and cakes.

What pairs well with avocado?

Avocado is a match made in heaven for coriander, tomatoes, cucumber, lime, lemon, grapefruit and all kind of greens. It goes well with beans and pulses as well as grains such as rice or quinoa.

Here are some tasty avocado recipes to inspire you: my vegan Avocado Toast With Zaatar, my Superfood Open Sandwich, this vegan Green Avocado Smoothie Bowl, my gluten-free Creamy Avocado & Courgette Salad, my Creamy Potato Salad, my vegetarian Smashed Avocado Toast with Poached Egg & Harissa.

UK Season: not grown in the UK, avocados are available all year long depending on where they are imported from.

Nutritional Content: Good for the heart and with anti-inflammatory properties, avocados are high in healthy monounsaturated fats that promote the absorption of antioxidant carotenoids. Avocados also contain good levels of proteins, potassium, fibre, vitamin K, folate, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6.


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