Aldi's Vegan Burger

Aldi’s Vegan Burger

Aldi Vegan Burger

The new Aldi’s vegan burger is a meat-free quarter pounder, which looks and tastes just like the real thing!

The supermarket is the first to launch a plant-based burger using all British ingredients and has spent the last 12 months perfecting a delicious recipe to capture a distinct smokey flavour. The new Meat Free Butcher Quarter Pounders, made from soya protein, are made to look, taste and even bleed just like a regular burger, due to the inclusion of natural beetroot within the patties.

Not only are they 100% meat-free and an excellent source of protein, but also incredible value, priced at just £2.49 for a pack of two burgers.

The introduction of the new Aldi’s vegan burger comes at a time when a third of red meat eaters are looking to reduce or limit their meat intake to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Available in all stores nationwide,  The Meat Free Butcher Quarter Pounders are designed to replicate meat and provide customers with an alternative, appealing to both vegans and flexitarians alike.

Aldi’s vegan burger is only one of the latest plant-based options available as the retailer has also launched a NEW Rainbow Vegetable Stew (£2.19) which is a colourful selection of chargrilled vegetables in a tomato and lentil stew, topped with delicious beetroot and kale. Each pack contains FOUR of your five a day and with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

Aldi is also the first UK supermarket to stock ‘One Pot’ brand Soulful. The vegan friendly chilled OnePots, costing just £1.99 each, are deliciously convenient. Each self-contained meal is slow-cooked using natural ingredients, including protein-rich grains and lentils, delivering fabulous slow-releasing energy. Choose between three flavours: Butternut, Lentil & Spinach, West African Peanut & Chickpea or Brazilian Tomato & Black Bean with Cashews & Quinoa.

For a delicious winter warmer you can opt for a Soulful Super Soup (£1.79, 600g), available in two wholesome flavours:  Butternut, Lentil & Spinach with Coconut and Turmeric or Sweet Potato with Coconut and Spirulina.

ALDI Organic Bean Pasta

For an easy and simple meal, filled with nutrition and great taste, try Organic Bean Spaghetti (£1.99, 200g), available in Organic Edamame Spaghetti, Black Bean Spaghetti or Organic Soybean Spaghetti. These innovative pastas use only one ingredient – you guessed it, beans! Rich in plant based nutrition, naturally gluten free and of course vegan, this pasta provides the perfect base for a nourishing meal that’s quick, easy, naturally colourful and most importantly delicious.

If you are looking for more plant-based inspiration, visit Aldi’s dedicated vegan page which offers recipes and a selection of vegan wines.


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