Leek Recipes

Great all-rounders, leeks are incredibly versatile and ideal to create tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes. They are part of the allium family like garlic, onions, chives, scallions, and shallots. Slightly sweet, they have an oniony flavour that will add depth to a wide variety of dishes such as soups, quiches or pies.

They are an essential ingredient to classics such as leek & potato soup, vegetable stock, soups, leek pie etc…

Make sure you do not waste any part of this incredibly useful and adaptable vegetable by using both the white and green parts.

How to cook leeks

You can cook leeks in a number of ways and do not always have to blanch them first.

Steamed, they can be served with a vinaigrette for a light and simple lunch or dinner. This is a classic French vegan leek recipe called Poireau Vinaigrette.

I also like to sauté or roast them in oil as well as grill them in the oven.

What pairs well with leeks?

Leeks are wonderful in many dishes including pasta, risotto, pizza and also on a slice of bread.

Cheese and cream are a perfect match for vegetarian leek recipes such as quiches and pies. If you are following a plant-based diet, dairy can easily be swapped to transform those dishes into yummy vegan leek recipes.

And what’s not to like about a leek frittata or omelette? Vegan can swap the eggs for scrambled tofu.

Classic root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, turnips are also a great combo. Fennel works also incredibly well.

Lemon, parsley and thyme are some of my favourite seasonings. For something a bit more unusual try miso and chives.

UK Season: August to April.

Nutritional Content: Good source of folate, anti-oxidants, vitamin A and vitamin K.

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