Courgette Recipes

Courgettes are incredibly versatile and adapt to a wide range of tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes. With its soft and tender texture, the summer squash is an indispensable ingredient of various Mediterranean dishes.

Known as zucchini in the US, courgettes are low in fat and calories and high in fibre. They are a staple ingredient if you are watching your waistline.

Traditional courgettes come in slightly different shades of dark green. If you grow your own or shop at your local farm or farmers market you will find other varieties which are yellow or striped green. Mixing different types of courgettes will definitely brighten up your vegetarian and vegan recipes.

They are an essential ingredient to dishes such as ratatouille, lasagna, gratins, quiches, pilafs, pasta, stir-fries, courgette soup recipe as well as bread, courgette cakes and muffins etc…

How to cook courgettes

Versatile you can add them to stew, grill them, stuff them with cheese . . .  Courgettes also make a perfect addition to pizzas or salads where you can eat them raw either shredded. spiralised or finely sliced. Courgette flowers make delicious fritters. You will find them in farmers market or make sure to save them if you grow your own.

For a delicious late summer warmer, try this tasty courgette soup recipe with tomato and basil.

What pairs well with courgettes?

Courgettes go well with a wide variety of herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, sage, parsley, oregano, dill, mint. You can also mix and match them with most summer produce such as aubergines, peppers, tomatoes in pasta, rice, polenta or grain dishes.

To give an Asian twist to your courgette creations try ginger, tofu, curry, coconut. You will not be disappointed.

Here are a few recipes to try for inspiration : Marinated Courgette Salad with Capers & Olives, Courgette & Tofu Curry, Courgette Dip, Chocolate Courgette Cake, Spiralised Courgette & Edamame Salad.

UK Season: June to October.

Nutritional Content: Good source of vitamin C, potassium, fibre and folate.

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