One-pot Meals

Looking for one-pot recipes? Browse my selection of vegetarian and vegan one-pot meal ideas for some meat-free inspiration.

Minimum fuss and washing up!

My hob to oven casserole dish has proved so useful to cook one-pot meals. It is so useful to cook dishes such as this Quorn Hotpot or this One-Pot Mexican Rice Casserole.

Not only can I use it on a stove or in the oven but it is also perfect for dishes that need to go under the grill.  Best of all, it looks perfect on the dinner table so I do not need any additional serving dishes.

After a long day at work or looking after children, dinner can feel like such an overwhelming task. We have all been there!

One-pot recipes are often associated with meat, however, plant-based ingredients work just as well and do not necessarily take longer to prepare.

Once combined with herbs, spices, grains, pulses or beans vegetables take centre stage for super-nutritious one-pot dinners.

This is also the perfect opportunity to mix different colour ingredients for a tasty rainbow meal that ticks all the boxes of healthy eating.

The vegetarian and vegan one pot meal ideas below are family-friendly recipes that the whole family will enjoy even the pickiest of eaters. They are filled with plant-based goodness and make dinnertime an easy task. All you need is a knife, chopping board and pan.

They will not leave you with a mountain of dishes in the sink and will keep everyone satisfied. Some might even become your go-to recipes when you need a simple and tasty meal.

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