Tofu Recipes

An indispensable ingredient of vegetarian and vegan cuisines, tofu recipes are as diverse as the different types of tofu available. Made from soybean, tofu is available in contrasting textures that go from silky to firm to extra firm.

Tofu is so versatile it will pretty much adapt to any vegetarian and vegan recipes. And while it can look unexciting and bland, once cooked it is full of wonderful flavours and textures. The secret of unleashing its greatness is in its preparation and/or cooking.

Did you know that tofu was first used in Chinese cooking over 2000 years ago and boasts an impressive nutritional value, being high in protein + calcium and low in fat + sodium and iron?

Neutral in flavour. tofu absorbs flavours of the other foods it is being cooked with, which makes it a great candidate for marinades, stews, stir-fries etc…  it can also substitute cream, eggs and cheese.

How to cook tofu

Follow this guide on how to cook with tofu, you will learn what are the different types of tofu (and which type of dishes you can make). I also round up the different brands available in the UK and show you 10 ways to cook with it with classic recipes such as scramble or stir-fry to more unusual dishes such as mousses, dips and cakes.

Press it first!

Except you are making a silken tofu recipe, the best way to prepare tofu is by pressing it first. My first tofu pressing experience involved a plate, a chopping board and a kettle filled with water. A precarious game of Jenga which of course ended up in disaster when it all came crashing down.

If you cook tofu often, a press could prove an invaluable kitchen essential. Did you know you can also make it at home from curdled soya milk, pressed into a solid block?

If you are looking for tasty silken tofu recipes, try my Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl or my Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl. Both make fantastic breakfasts or post-workout snacks

Nutritional Content: High in protein, calcium and iron while being low in fat.

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